Our Story


The current REaD board members and the founder of REaD Foundation, Dr. Sunder Singh New Picture (1)and Dr. Lakshman Singh were born in Tiwaripur, India,    studied primary education in far away school in Lachchikera village,  and  in spite of all the challenges, received doctorates degrees (Ph.D) from Columbia university in USA. Settlled in USA, they were still attached to their families and communities where they grew up, and always wanted to give back to people of Tiwaripur.  With Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, as their mantra, they began sowing the seeds of education in 1974, beginning with Tiwaripur village, where family of 50 lived with no access to education. Their mission to provide education to girls, and empower women’s thus making the communities self reliant.


RK College was founded in 1974 as Pragati Vidyalaya (Progressive School), as a result of the collective action of several Tiwaripur and other local school teachers. We proudly recognize them as the foundational pillars of the college as it stands today.

Narendra Singh, provided leadership to the teachers who agreed to start the school and share the tuitions which were collected as their salary, with minimum supplement from the management. We appointed Narendra as the Manager of Pragati Vidyalaya. He worked with the gram-panchayat (local village electorate) get land allocated to start high school classes. He served as a Manager until his untimely passing away in 1995.

Ramsevak Singh, Teacher from Tewaripur, who assumed the role of Principal for the Junior High School, and served until his appointment as a Primary  School Teacher in a Government school.

Pannalal Singh, Teacher from Lachhikara, who worked tirelessly with the students, conducting night classes to prepare them for Board Exams,

Pratap Singh, who worked closly with Narendra Singh to have initial classrooms constructed, ensuring that the funds provided by us were used for planned purposes.

We continued to consult Ramsevak and Pannalal on school matters for a long time and plan to make them members of School Advisory Committee to formalize this relationship.

1981: UP Board granted Permanent Recognition to Pragati Vidyalaya as a Junior High School. It was operating on Temporary recognition before this time. Additional class room facilities were added to start high school classes.

Mid 1980s: The West wing of the current school was constructed, when Gram-Panchayat allocated land for School building & Playground, and the school was moved from our family plot.

Early 1990s: Late Shivraj Singh retired in Tewaripur, and started looking after the school. He became the Manager after untimely passing away of our cousin, Narendra Singh. He spent fulltime overseeing the school operation and working with the teachers to increase school standards and enrollment of students. Both slowly improved.

Early 2000s: With relentless efforts of our Bhai saheb, he won a Grant from UP Government to start Girls Inter College, and the high school name was changed to RK Girls Inter College. The Junior high school continues to operate in the name of Pragati Purva-madhyamik Vidyalaya. Construction of North & South Wings started on receiving the 1st installment of the grant, and  the enrollment peaked to 320 in few years.

2002-3: RK College agreed to allocate classrooms in one corner of the West wing to REad Foundation, to start REaD Technical Education Center for teaching computer literacy to students of RK College and other 4 participating schools. REaD upgraded these classrooms transforming them into a Computer lab, Tech Ed instructors room and canteen, with needed wiring, fittings and furnishing. A Visitors Center was also constructed for invited instructors, guests & REaD organizers / volunteers. This was done by the effort of

Sunder Singh, the current president of the RK College Management Committee. In 2003, We appointed Jagdish Singh, a progressive Pradhan (leader of the local village electorate) of   as the Manager of RK College in 2003.  He has carried out all the official  duties as required by the District, Regional & Central Officers of  the  the Uttar Pradesh Education  Board.

As of this school year, for the first time, RK College’s enrollment has increased an impressive 50%.  RK College has the distinction of having recruited a new, highly respected Principal. After a long effort, the U.P. Education Board has finally accredited RK College for the 11-12 grade education so needed in this community. Further, the school is seeing the effects of  hiring 5 new teachers, increasing the quality of the learning environment.

At present, RK College is focusing on improvements to the classrooms, recruiting dynamic new teachers, and above all, increasing enrollment of students into their vibrant learning environment.