Get Involved


You must get involved to have an impact. Make a difference NOW.

The impact and benefits of getting involved are many. When you get involved in some capacity, you impact an individual, and the benefits reaped by many, family, community and nation.

Here are the ways you can create an impact.


  • Girl’s education  – $50 provides a girl’s education for a year
  • Support a Teacher – $200  provides teachers to buy extra school supplies
  • Training for Teacher$200 allows us to send teacher for advanced training
  • Support a Class –  $1000 provides education for 10 girls education for  a year
  • Support a School$2000 build amenities for  school
  • Make a Recurring Donation

Vocational Education and Training

  • Support an individual for training – $200 trains an individual and build skills to be self-reliant
  • Support implement a training program – $5000 support an entire class for a training program.
  • Make a Recurring Donation

Health Clinic

  • Support a clinic program in a village – $2000 provides health clinic services to a village.


  • Join Us — Be a Coordinator, Advisor, Volunteer,
  • Support a Program, Project, Activity, Team
  • Donate, Sponsor Scholarships,
  • Organize an Event, Fundraiser