Our Programs


READ Foundation’s innovative sustainable, repetitive model “Shiksha, Sanskar, Swavalamban, Seva” (Education, Character Building, Self-Reliance, Service) provides a systemic transformational model in low-income, under developed rural and urban population where education, health care and job opportunities are poor.

Shiksha – Education
Education is the fundamental pillar of our model. We believe that every child has the right to a formal education. Education is transformational and has the potential tREAD-education-modelo bring significant benefits to individuals, society and nation.

In the past few decades, research has supported the conventional wisdom, revealing that education not only enables individuals to perform better in the labor market, but also helps to improve their overall health, promote active citizen ship and contain violence.

Since 1974, REaD foundation has provided education to the children’s of Tewaripur, India and a dozen surrounding villages, by building Primary and Secondary schools and implementing the REaD Education model, resulting in 30,000 students being served.

Sanskar – Character Building
Sanskar is a process which transforms an individual into an outstanding personality. The objective of Sanskar is Character Building, Personality Development and laying foundation for education.

REaD Foundation teachers are engaged with the students in teaching Integrity, Commitment, Ownership, Balance and Service in the class rooms, field trips  and with the help of local communities on a regular basis.

REaD Foundation additionally provides regular classes in Hindi, Vocational Education and Training.

Swavalamban – Self-Reliance
Swavalambam means reliance on one’s own abilities, efforts and decisions.

REaD Foundation has instituted microfinance for women.  The main goal of this project is to provide initial capital to women to start, run, and manage small entrepreneurial projects.  These women can then contribute to their family’s livelihood and uplift the larger community.

Seva – Service
Seva means “Selfless Service”.

Rural populations often face barriers to proper health care due to the lack of resources bring doctors in from more populous parts of the country. REaD Foundation has sponsored health clinics, free medicine and referrals for further services. REaD Foundation plans to provide

According to the Department of Education, Students who do not attend college  or who drop out quickly are predominantly from  low-income families, living in underdeveloped areas within major cities or in sparsely populated areas, and who have attended ineffective elementary and secondary schools.

More importantly, educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation, as well bring a culture of education in households for generations to follow.

REaD Foundation follows a result-driven approach catering to the needs of low-income under developed rural populations.  The following are the program areas: