Sewing and Tailoring


The sewing machine joins what the scissors have cut asunder, plus whatever else comes in its path.

READ Foundation is partnering with Drishtee to provide Certificate in Basic Sewing and Tailoring. Over 90 Hours spread over 2 months, the program is geared toward providing enhancing the quality of life of women and girls through enhancement of their skills, leading either to an employment or their own small business.

Issue, Problem, Challenges?

In India, and around the world in developing and under-developed countries, more than 50 percent of the women are illiterate, thus with limited or almost no opportunities to find jobs and their support their families.  In such circumstances, they are at risk to getting into dehumanizing professions. REaD program will empower women’s with valuable sewing and tailoring skills so that they can earn a respectable and a decent living and contribute to  their families.

How the program will solve this problem? sewing-donate-button

Training participants will attend a 2 month, over 90 hours of sewing program, where they will develop their sewing and tailoring skills and learn about basic business practices as well career opportunities in textile industry or can be self-employed.

Certificate in Sewing and Tailoring Syllabus

Long Term Impact

The program will empower 100 women each year in Tiwaripur and 10 other villages nearby with sewing skills.  These skilled women will find employment opportunities. There is a plan to set up a Garment making factory to employ them in the near future.