Our Mission

Envision a world where every child can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential, contribute to their family, their community and the world.

READ Foundation began with the simple desire, of giving back to the rural village, where brothers Dr. Sunder Singh and Dr. Lakshman Singh were born, grew up and received their early schooling. Always remembering their humbling beginnings, they brought the people of Tiwaripur, Kanpur village together and sowed the seeds of education, especially girls education in 1974.  

READ’s Story:

READ Foundation is focused on areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact: promote education & vocational education and training, encourage enrollment of girls in school and develop reach out programs partnering with other like-minded organization

READ Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promotion of rural education and social development, working closely with other foundations, charitable organizations, and educational institutions in India and abroad to accomplish its objectives. It is a member of The Foundation Center, NY, and has Memorandum of Understanding with American India Foundation, Asha for Education, and Baal Vikas Foundation. It will continue to build collaborative relationships with more organizations having similar objectives.

READ Foundation has been registered in Bangalore, India, as a Public Charitable Trust in October 2002, and has received ‘tax-exempt’ status under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. REaD Foundation is also registered in the USA, as a public charity and was granted 501(C)3 tax-exempt status in  November, 2007.

REaD is committed to reaching out & helping the less fortunate people especially in the underdeveloped rural areas where education and health care facilities are poor. The major objectives of REaD are to:

  • Promote education & occupational training programs which can open career opportunities in nearby cities leading to improvement in quality of life.
  • Encourage enrollment of girls in schools & vocational training by counseling them and offering financial incentives & support to improve gender equality & women empowerment.
  • Develop reach out programs working with nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to promote health awareness & provide access to urban medical services