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REaD India has started an Endowment Fund for Education Assistance in 2010. This fund has been created as renewable, long-term Fixed Deposits to earn maximum available interest at the banks in India. This will ensure continuity of this program.

The primary objective of this Program is to promote education and vocational training of deserving students in rural and low income urban areas in India by giving them scholarship & assistantship awards. Most scholarships will be to cover the fees charged by schools & colleges for tuition, registration, exams, laboratory work etc. However, in some cases, when necessary, financial assistance for boarding, lodging, clothing, books and other support, will also be provided.

REaD plans to raise additional 15-20 Lakhs rupees in the next 2-3 years to earn more than Rs.1.5 Lakhs interest each year on these deposits. This interest amount will be used to provide the planned awards, and additional contributions received from donors and the Matching Partners will be used to supplement this amount each year.

To plan, implement and monitor this program, one or more Scholarship Team(s) will be formed. They will assist in selection of candidates; proper utilization of the awarded funds and monitoring of progress of the selected candidates. REaD India will seek participation of local schools, colleges and other non-profit organizations to participate in this program. The non-profit Partners will be required to provide matching funds to strengthen their commitment and genuine interest in the partnership.


The Scholarship Teams(s) will also assist REaD India in developing application forms, maintaining records and participate in future planning. The representatives of Matching Partners will be included in these Team(s). Monitoring of the recipient’s performance will be carried out by conducting progress reviews and providing periodic reports, which will also include relevant financial data.

Those donors who provide full amount of awards will be given opportunity to name the Scholarship / Assistantship provided by them. Specific groups and community members identified by the donors will also be considered in the cases when complete support funds are provided by the donors. Others providing 50% or more of the award amount will also be recognized appropriately

The scholarships will be both for High School & Colleges. Donors can also initiate Scholarships for Advance Studies in Business, Science, Technology or any other field of their choice. The Application forms for High School & College education have been prepared. Eligibility requirements and selection criteria are also being developed. They are expected to be finalized by the end of this year to allow announcement of the scholarships and last date for submission of Applications can be scheduled.

The application forms and scholarship details will be available on REaD web site www.readfdn.org and web site of our Matching Partner Baal-Vikas Foundation www.baal-vikas.org. They can also be requested by email to scholarships @readfdn.org.

CP Domestic Workers with their children’s receiving the EAP 2018 Scholarship cheques in the presence of Managing Trustee.

Left side CP Gardener Mr. Venkatappa with CP Domestic Workers whose children are EAP candidates with the Managing Trustee.

CP Domestic workers receiving the EAP Scholarship cheques in the presence of Managing Trustee and CP Electrician Mr. Vyasa.

The two parents, Narayan & Rajesh receiving the EAP scholarship cheques with EAP Managing Trustee & evaluator 

Managing Trustee Dr. Sheel Thakur congratulating youngest candidate Brundha