With an emphasis on access to education and the empowerment of girls and women, REaD Foundation is changing the face of rural India—one community at a time.

R.K Girls College is the jewel crown of REaD Foundation and has been a vital part of Tiwaripur, a rural village in Kanpur, India for more than 35 years. The school has grown form a middle school (graded 6 – 8) into an Inter-College (grades 11 – 12) that serves the surrounding 10-12 villages.

Central to the mission of the College is the express focus, inclusion, and support of the community’s girls. While boys are able to travel to nearby schools by bicycle, this is not an option available to most girls, the social norms of rural India generally affording them less freedom. Further, Tiwaripur being located in one of the most rural parts of India, there is virtually no public transportation. This being the on-the-ground reality, the College is a critical educational institution in that area, particularly for girls.

The following are the educational program:

  • R. K. Girls College
  • Students Assistance Program
  • Girls Scholarship Program