We take so much from this wonderful environment however, we do not give back anything now this is getting serious. Refer below table which shows population of some random countries and number of trees for the year 2014 and see how disturbing the numers are in turms of India and it is getting worse everyday:




Average Per Person
Russia 641 0.143 4,461
United States 318 0.319 997
Brazil 301 0.201 1,494
Canada 228 0.036 8,953
China 139 1.362 102
India 35 1.25 28

This leads to a series of problems in India:

  •  Air quality
  • Ground water quality and quantity
  • Temperature
  • Increased chances of Land slide and flood

This is the time to act otherwise our kids might have to buy and carry Oxygen cylinders along with their bag packs…