Fashionable Classical Music

Bowie (pictured above) had, in many ways, made the glamour and swish of synthpop potential; he was definitely the stylistic inspiration for the romantic wing of latest wave (many of whom, nonetheless, chose to sing like Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry), famously bestowing his benediction on Steve Unusual and various Blitz Kids within the video for […]


A humble preset on Roland’s primitive drum machine produced one of the recognisable grooves in pop historical past. The CR-78 came with such splendidly futuristic and sexy sounding facility-equipped beats as waltz and bossa nova. Darryl Corridor used the unpromising rock 1″ to put in writing Corridor & Oates’ 1981 traditional, I Can’t Go for […]

Scientists Prove That Pop Music Is Literally Ruining Our Brains

Jack Antonoff: It’s where I’ve had essentially the most success. It’s not like I feel everybody has to work that way, however it’s about understanding your self. You go to any massive studio, you’re gonna be listening to the music you make through audio system that literally no shopper might ever afford. You gotta consider […]